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Lessons Learned
December 14, 2021 at 5:00 AM
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Data and AI enabled the digitization of advertising and streamlined the buying and selling of  ads. Now, those same forces that drove innovation and transformation in advertising are impacting new verticals across the board.  AI-driven SaaS platforms are helping build marketplaces and increasing connectivity between clients and enterprises.  It’s a fast-moving, rapidly evolving space but thankfully there are plenty of pointers to guide investors based upon what we saw Data and AI to do marketing and advertising a decade earlier. 


The emergence of automated marketplaces in advertising first occurred with the application of  data and AI to DSPs.  This brought them under the umbrella of programmatic buying.  In the wider venture space B2B Marketplaces based on these principles represent a perfect hidden investment opportunity

We are now entering a broader era of marketplaces run by AI. Programs for training models, making corrections and delivering custom experiences all rely on data. Marketplaces of every stripe are transforming verticals thanks to data and automation.   They're also democratizing previously walled-garden spaces.

Key contenders have already begun to emerge in different niches, like agriculture, cannabis tech, real estate and even the